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Furniture Knockoffs is a $1.4 Trillion Industry

Our mission is to protect manufacturers and buyers of genuine design from counterfeiters.

Manufacturers, apply for an account for your organization to start protecting your products.

How our Anti-Counterfeit Platform Works?

When we apply our four steps protection process, counterfeiters entrance becomes almost impossible. Only original product could be traced back to the original manufacturer. Design Defender recognises knockoffs instantly.



  • Manufacturer makes product.
  • Design Defender generates unique ID.
  • Manufacturer assigns that ID to product item.
  • Manufacturer becomes first owner of product.


  • Manufacturer transfers ownership of product to distributor.
  • Distributor transfers it to buyer.
  • Buyer can transfer to another buyer and so on.
  • Every step is registered in Design Defender.


  • Every product owner in a product lifetime can prove ownership by showing it in his own Design Defender account.
  • Chain of ownership can be proved at every moment.


  • Counterfeiter can not insert his fake products in Design Defender ecosystem, so he is not able to sell his products as originals.
  • Counterfeiter is not able to guess real Unique ID.

Furniture Manufacturers! Join Design Defender platform to protect your products.

Frequently asked questions

Our brand ecosystem is closed and that is the first layer of protection. Members of the Design Defender platform are carefully and manually selected. We are not accepting manufacturers without previous confirmation of their authentic production. The authenticity of design is the main condition for manufacturer acceptance.

Yes, another type of account is for Owners. Owner is any person or organization in the chain of product lifetime. First owner of product is always Manufacturer. When product is sold it gets another owner and this is registered in Design Defender. One product item normally has several different owners during its lifetime. Design Defender ensures that there is only one single owner at any point of time. Every ownership change is registered in Design Defender. For each item you can always check its entire history all the way back to the original manufacturer. Owner account type could be freely registered by anyone.

The key of protection is in tracking of the product item's Unique ID lifecycle. Manufacturer creates Unique ID in Design Defender for each product item, and he is the owner of it. Once item arrives in the hands of retailer, Manufacturer transfers ownership of Unique ID to retailer. Now Retailer owns ID, which means he owns the product. Buyer becomes owner when he buys product and previous owner trannsfers the Unique ID to him. Furthermore, if buyer decides to sell, he is able to transfer ownership of Unique ID to the next buyer. Every transaction is simple action through Design Defender web application. At any moment there could be only one owner of the product. Ownership transfer or check is simple procedure. There is only one party able to transfer ownership of product: current owner. Blockchain system behind this prevents data corruption.

If counterfeiter tries to trick the system in this way, he will fail on the first check. All it takes to discover fraud in this case is to check fake "Unique ID" on Design Defender platform. Design Defender will tell you that this product has fake ID because no one can guess real ID.

Counterfeiter could really do something like that. He can buy single genuine product and take its UniqueID. Then he can put this ID to all his products. All this effort is not gonna help him to trick anyone. When someone wants to buy product, he will ask seller to transfer ID ownership of product to him. This is the point of collapse for counterfeiter. It will be clear that he is not first owner of Unique ID, but genuine manufacturers are always first owners. Secondly, he will be able to transfer only one single product whose ID belongs to him.

Protect your products

  • We are invitation only platform.
  • Send your data and we will contact you with more details.
  • Invitation request is free and there is no obligation to pay anything.
  • Once you get invitation and try our services you will decide if you want to start paid subscription.
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