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Specification tool for Interior Architects & Designers

Select interior products and materials by their aesthetic, environmental, safety, and equitability characteristics.

Currently we are invitation only platform. Send your contact data and we will invite you to your free 14-day trial, no credit card necessary.

Specify faster

Select products by material properties

Simplified process of selecting products based on their material characteristics


Filter products by their ratings in areas like fire resistance, slip resistance, ability to be cleaned or sanitized, ease of use, visibility, air quality.


Perform search based on standardized tests and performance measurements of items and materials in order to comply with strict regulations.


Each object has codified alignments with best practices guidelines. This will lead you when selecting products and materials for your designs.


Third-party sustainability evaluations are included in our product database. This helps you to specify products that are green, or sustainable.


Specify products without volatile organic compounds (VOC), carcinogens, and chemicals that cause allergies used in products.

Energy Savy

Make spaces and buildings more energy efficient, by reducing the necessary energy for light, electro domestics, heating and cooling of spaces.

Discover the world's top interior design products

Walls and Floors
Carpets and Rugs

Search, organize, share information with various stakeholders

Search our database in a way that fits your needs

We are collecting only original and high quality products from around the world. We expose them through intuitive and easy to use search features. You can select products in various ways depending on project requirements. If you search for light, you can start by energy consumption. If you need fabrics, you can choose fire resistance levels first. You always have many possible filtering ways to perfomr easy selection out of tens of thousands products.

Organize your work in a hierarchy of folders

During the research you can save products you find into folders, so you can revisit them in a later stage. Accompany each product with your notes, comments, or extra references. Once you finish some project archive related folder. You can access archive again if you like to re-use some information from previous works.

Collaboration is key part of product and material selection

Share your projects with other designers, architects, clients, contractors, LEED-accredited professionals, commissioning agents, manufacturers' representatives, and others. Once your client had decided to proceed with the project, you may find yourself collaborating with varying combinations of tradespeople. We made this collaboration easy by employing share features with possible view limitations.

Ready to dive in? Start your free trial today.


Pricing made easy

Month-by-month payments or discounted yearly installments.


$0 /mo

Wide public interested in interior design.

  • Search by Product Groups

  • Search by Manufacturers

  • Search by Designers

  • Search by Country

  • Moodboards


$79 /mo

For specifiers of interior design products.

  • Everything from Free plan

  • Search by Codes

  • Search by Standards

  • Search by Sustainability

  • Search by Toxicity

  • Search by Energy Consumption

  • Projects Unlimited

  • Sharing

  • Archive


Switch from monthly to yearly payment instalments and save 20% with yearly price of $758.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Free and Professional versions?
Design Defender Professional is a working tool for specifiers of interior design products. Free version is for wide public interested in interior design. Advanced search and work organization features are available only in professional version.
Who is paying customer of Design Defender Professional?
We are paid by architects and interior designers. We provide fast and advanced specification tool for their everyday work. They pay to have independent source of good products they need.
Can Manufacturers pay to have their products listed on Design Defender Professional?
No. We are selecting products in an independent process. There is no influence of brands. This way we ensure that only original and high quality products are available to our users. This is major differentiator of Design Defender platform compared to others.
How Design Defender collects products presented in search?
We have automated software that collects information from various sources. Collected data is combined with knowledge databases for classification. We also have algorithms for product rankings in search results.
Is there a way to become an Affiliate reseller?
Yes. If you are interested to become reseller, please write an email to dd@designdefender.com. We will get back to you with all important information for potential resellers.
Do you have a membership program for students and/or Universities?
Design Defender works with universities and educators to provide access to interior architecture and interior design students. Educators or university representatives can contact us at dd@designdefender.com for more information. After formal data verification we will provide free accounts for students lasting 1 year.
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  • Currently we are invitation only platform.
  • Send your contact data and we will invite you to try Design Defender.
  • Invitation request is free and there is no obligation to pay anything.
  • Once you get invitation and try our services you will decide if you want to start paid subscription.
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