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We in Hyper 38, a Swiss software company, know well how difficult it is to find a high quality software developers anywhere. The competition on the market is big and it’s not easy to find and keep the best ones.

What does Managed Outsourcing mean?

That means we offer complete security to our clients when it comes to hiring people from distant locations and its success. Managed Outsourcing provides maximum success with minimal problems.

We accomplish that by appointing a manager to each client to stand as a connection between him and his external employees. Manager organizes assignments, communicates with the client and the employees, solves the problems that appear on both sides. He deals with finding the new team members, motivation, knowledge transfer as well as with substituting people that the client seems to be dissatisfied with.

That means that Hyper 38 manages the staff’s complete administrative work. All the conditions for focusing on his work and getting maximum out-turn from each hired man are created for a client.

Let’s work together!

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Swiss and Serbian Flags Puzzle

We are offering workforce in Serbia

We in Hyper 38 have long lasting experience in organizing the outsourcing associates for different industries’ clients. In time we have built specific methods and we hire exclusively associates from Serbia via our subsidiary company which we started running there.

The founder of our company was born, educated and lived in Serbia for many years from where he has moved to Switzerland. In this way we overcome the cultural obstacles instead of our clients. Furthermore, Serbia has extremely well educated people and very developed IT sector where many companies from all around the world operate.

Warranty of Quality

Hyper 38 pays special attention to hired people’s qualities. In our process of recruiting candidates we take care of both human and professional potentials.

We strictly pay attention to continuous knowledge improvement through internal courses and attending professional lectures from the field of our work.

Quality Seal

What is important for successful IT outsourcing

After more than 15 years in outsourcing this is what we found what matters the most

What profiles of programmers can you hire in Hyper38?

We cover wide range of professions that modern software teams require. Only the most popular technologies that we work with are listed bellow, but we stand open to our clients’ specific needs that are not on this list.