Project management software

AlefBrain is a modern project management software for small and medium-size businesses. Alefbrain implements Kanban and Scrum agile methodologies. It is very flexible, but at the same time brings structure to your business. From day one, AlefBrain defines:

  1. Workflows for your business processes.
  2. Prioritization of tasks.
  3. Progress monitoring.

All listed features come out of the box. You just have to use them and slightly adapt them to your needs if you’d like. You do not need to learn how to use AlefBrain, as it is self-explanatory by design.

AlefBrain fits into almost any business field. There are no assumptions about what you are doing. We are removing obstacles on the road of successful business journeys.

Alefbrain software is not just another service on the market. Its design helps you to improve team motivation, knowledge management and significantly reduce waste of time in your entire organization. We’ve created Alefbrain by using our great experience in Kanban and Scrum project management.