What is Software Development as a Service?

Technology is fast becoming the cornerstone of many businesses, enabling various activities and driving innovation. Businesses have to embrace technology if they want to survive. Customers are committing to better, simpler, and easier ways to engage.

If a business is not "digitally transformed," it will become a thing of the past.

Many companies are not full of tech people. There may be an IT department and sometimes a good number of developers. In most cases, they monitor and care if everything is working. It's difficult to make bold moves like moving to cloud infrastructure or innovating with native mobile apps or building machine learning models to anticipate, automate and improve the experience for employees and customers.

We understand this challenge, which is why we've developed an offering we call Software Development as a Service (SDaaS). We eliminate the technical headaches and you enjoy things delivered at pace, knowing it's done right.

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How it Works?

The entire process is organized through four phases and an optional Bonus phase. We always keep everything transparent regarding processes and prices. We are creating long-term relationships with our clients and that requires an open approach from both sides.

Phase 1: Introduction

Price: FREE

In this phase, we learn about your needs and decide if we can accept you as a client. You get an introduction in our way of work and also decide if you would like to try our services.

Phase 2: Onboarding

Price: FREE

We set up our collaboration tools and create accounts for you. We explain how to use everything and set up projects. We assign a project manager for all your projects and he becomes your single point of contact for everything you need.

Phase 3: Membership

Price: $99.- / month or $999.- / year

Once you become Member you keep it going by paying a small fixed monthly fee of EUR/CHF/USD 99.- or a yearly fee of EUR/CHF/USD 999.-. Yearly membership payment is more popular as you are getting two months for free in comparison to monthly installments.

Phase 4: Activity

Price: Per Task

In this phase, you can create tasks describing what do you want to implement in your projects. We clarify each task until we are sure there is a full understanding of the requirements. Then we put the price tag to the task together with the time estimation. Once we get your approval we start with work. When the task is finished you approve if it meets your needs.

Bonus Phase: Priority Client

Price: from $1'000.- / month

If your needs for software development are high, then you can become a Priority Client. This means that our reaction to your needs is instant and we will plan our resources to continually work on your tasks without interruption.

Technologies we cover

We cover wide range of technologies that modern software teams require. Only the most popular are listed bellow, but we stand open to our clients’ specific needs that are not on this list.