Simplicity is the key. Ritchie Blackmore

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01. About us

Hyper38 is a software factory based in Basel (Switzerland), founded in 2015.

Vision: Our services and software simplify work, business & life

Mission: We are making software and service products that give our users advantage in doing their business, in everyday work, in overall life. We are developing software by using the best languages and tools currently available. Our software is always the simplest but the most powerful on the market from the user's point of view. For all of us, the software development is a particular kind of art, and we see ourselves as artists at work.

02. Our Values *

03. Technology


Protocol of trust
for the new Internet revolution


Powerful server side
web applications


Node, VueJs, ES6, TypeScript
Web, Desktop, Mobile

04. Projects

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Project 01. Blocksted - clinical trials revolution
Status Planning
Project 02. AlefBrain - project manager
Status Active
Project 04. Employeetics
Status Retired
Project 05. HyperKeeper
Status Retired
Project 06. Online Photo Editor
Status Client
Project 07. CrossRoads
Status Client

05. Contact

We love to make contacts with new people. Feel free and drop us an email at or use the contact form bellow.

If you are interested in becoming our client or associate, we will be glad to answer your questions.

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Company Information

  • Address Margarethenstrasse 87
    4053 Basel, Switzerland
  • General Enquiries
  • UID CHE-389.783.871