Hyper38 is a full stack web software development company

We offer innovative, trustworthy software solutions to complement your specific business needs. We develop custom web applications in a technology that meets your requirements.

We are making software and service products that give our users advantage in doing their business, in everyday work, in overall life. We are developing software by using the best languages and tools currently available. Our software is always the simplest but the most powerful on the market from the user’s point of view. For all of us, the software development is a particular kind of art, and we see ourselves as artists at work.

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Meet Some of Our Clients

"The Hyper38 team is consistently delivering levels of commitment, domain expertise, technical skills, reliability and quality of IT outsourcing services, which have all contributed to the creation of strategic extension of our native software development department."


"I've been working with Hyper38 GmbH and Miljan for at least 10 years and its been a very successful relationship. They are very responsive, the designs work well to accomplish our goals, and they get the work done efficiently - there is a commitment to quality and excellence that I really appreciate. The service is always personal and I've never been sent to big call center when I have a question, which I really value. I highly recommend Hyper38 GmbH to everyone."

Chalene CurryHGChristie, Bahamas

"They were comfortable with our highly specific requirements and short time frame. It was our pleasure to work with this open minded people who always did their best to meet our needs and understand domain specific language. Hopefully we will meet again on some new project adventure."