We are improving daily business operations of our clients by applying our smart software solutions, services and pieces of advice

Hyper38 is a software company from Basel, Switzerland. Our products and services allow companies in different fields to improve their business operations. We create software that is user-friendly. We apply the latest solutions from the software industry, but we keep the complex stuff well out of the sight of our clients because no-one needs a complicated user interface.

Our clients are companies that pay special attention to the everyday advancement of the management of production processes, human resources and customer relations. With us, they achieve their goals effectively using the latest methods and technologies which they gain access to through our products and services.

Our selected projects

Here is the list of some of the projects we have done for our clients over the years.


Investment proposal generator

Web based software for generating investment proposals with minimum input from an advisor. It makes investment portfolio by […]

Real estate CRM

Web based system for management of all aspects of real estate business. It represents content management application that […]

Time Expressions

This website is an online store for custom watches manufacturer. There is a catalogue of watches, a catalogue […]

Market data display

One of the major Swiss banks furnished their private client advisers rooms with big screens for displaying current […]

Online Photo editor

There are many online businesses depending on quality presentations of their products by placing images on websites. The […]

Real estate SaaS

HyperKeeper is the next generation of SaaS for real estate agents, brokers and investors. This real estate management […]

Food online

Our task was to design the user interface and develop an entire web site for online restaurants reservations. […]

Email Marketing System

The client has several websites with different content, every site has significant traffic and many registered users. The […]