Blockchain for clinical trials

Recently, Hyper38 was tasked with a research project aiming to apply blockchain technology in clinical trials. We have identified eleven points where the blockchain-based solution can create a significant positive impact. In this paper, we are presenting those 11 points in the context of the standard clinical trials process. [...]

Asynchronous team communication

Asynchronous teams are happy teams. They are full of independent, self-motivating people capable of doing their job without a policeman-manager watching second after second during the working hours. If you thrive to improve your employee structure, if you wish to hire smarter and more creative people, you have to enable a different culture. [...]

What is Kanban

Kanban is a tool for managing the flow of materials, information, or any other specific entities included in the project processes. If you can not access necessary entities at the right time, that will create delays and losses. On the other hand, if you have too much material or information, too much work in progress at the same time, that is also producing delays and losses. Kanban methodology is used to establish optimal workflow through the processes. [...]