Blocksted - Project management software

Blocksted is a modern project management software for small and medium-size businesses. Blocksted implements Kanban agile methodology. It is very flexible, but at the same time brings structure to your business.

Investment Proposal Generator

Web based software for generating investment proposals with minimum input from banking advisor. It makes investment portfolio by obtaining few information, like risk profile, investment amount and main area of investment (Equity, Bonds, Real Estate, Liquidity) from investor.

Software uses this input, investment algorithm and knowledge base to create investment portfolio or to adjust existing portfolio. Part of the system is CMS where experts from the bank can maintain knowledge base.

  • Client: ABN AMRO Bank, Netherlands
  • Year: 2015-2017
  • Technologies: JSPHPMYSQL

Market Data on Big Screens

UBS bank in Switzerland furnished their private client advisers rooms with big screens for displaying current market data. Our job was to take live streams of those information from data provider and put them on the big screens in auto sliding pages. Those slides contained charts with selected info from all major exchange markets in the world.

They are able to determine what kind of information they want to be displayed. This could be easily controlled through the admin section. Important requirement was automatic error detection and recovery in case when something goes wrong.

  • Client: UBS Bank, Switzerland
  • Year: 2018
  • Technologies: JSPHPHTML/CSS

Crossroads – Real Estate CRM

Web-based Real Estate CRM system for management of all aspects in real estate business. It represents a content management application that enables real estate company to track all their sales, rentals and appraisals. In the same time, it is a system for customer relationship management.

Time Expressions - Custom watches online shop

This website is online store for custom watches manufacturer. There is a catalog of watches, catalog of available themes for customization, and from them visitor can create custom watch series. Visitor can use catalogs and create his own set of watches online and order them from Time Expressions.

This is a service that gives clients ability to create watches with their own company logo, in desired colors etc. Also, there is administration area that supports this entire business.

Email Marketing

Client has several websites with different content, every site has significant traffic and many registered users. The job was to develop platform for creating and executing various email marketing campaigns for external clients.

Clients’ business is based on selling ad space in the newsletters they had on all sites, as well as selling special e-mailings to double opt-in email addresses.

This platform has advanced system for email validation written in PERL, together with PHP engine for delivering large amounts of emails in a very short time. Database had several hundreds of thousands records, so we had to optimize tables and SQL queries to accomplish high speed of software.

  • Client: Twisted Humor, USA
  • Year: 2015

Online Restaurant Reservations

Our task was to design user interface and develop entire web site for online restaurants reservations. Every restaurant can have their own account where they can build a little presentation about themselves. In that area they can post photos, menu lists, special offers, recipes etc.

Visitors can search for restaurants in any part of Belgium and make reservations directly from website. Restaurant immediately receives reservation request and they can contact client by phone or email in order to confirm reservation.