Advanced Custom Business Applications

We offer innovative, trustworthy software solutions to complement your specific business needs. We develop custom web applications in a technology that meets your requirements.

Web Applications

With more than 15 years' experience in designing, developing and supporting many web applications, we have the credibility and expertise to deliver on your most ambitious and complex web projects.

Our versatile web developers are capable of tackling even the most complex business logic. Every one of our custom web applications provides excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms.

Blockchain Solutions

Hyper38 is working with clients to pioneer blockchain solutions for business. The potential goes well beyond financial services.

Blockchain solutions have great potential whenever goods, parts, medical devices, or any other assets of value need be tracked and traced, typically involving several parties in a business network with limited mutual trust.

Transparency of transactions as well as the immutability of the shared blockchain ledger are key features when it comes to proofing the provenance of assets, auditing business processes, detecting counterfeit attacks in a supply chain, or investigating incidents in aircraft operation.

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Data Management

Data Management & Analytics

Effective knowledge and information sharing is vital to any organization. Data management solutions are intended to help businesses manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently. Companies’ strategic advantage depends on the ability to access critical information at anytime. We can help you create robust information management system.

The concept of data management is relatively simple. Firms need access to high-quality, relevant data, provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Access to accurate data is necessary for effective investment decisions, trade execution, securities pricing, risk management, regulatory compliance, and portfolio valuation and measurement. Delivering on this concept, however, is challenging, particularly in a dynamic environment marked by significant regulatory changes.

Data management involves much more than just technology. A holistic approach to data management coordinates people and business processes as well as technological innovation. Firms need to consider key elements such as data architecture, metadata – data about data – taxonomy, security and storage.

When these elements are properly organized into an effective data management initiative, firms can realize significant benefits including lower operating costs, better risk management, and fewer and less costly errors.

What technologies are we using in Hyper38?

We cover wide range of technologies that modern software teams require. Only the most popular are listed bellow, but we stand open to our clients’ specific needs that are not on this list.